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Customer Reviews

"Saved my vacation" I'm from Tucson, but Jason and crew saved me in the middle of a vacation ride with my Honda VFR needing a fuel pump. Honda let us down on part shipping, but Cody had a used one at home and they were able to get me back on the road. Kudos to their service, dedication and camaraderie. I will stop by just to say 'Hi' next time I'm in town!”

Phillip Roper

A“I was traveling thru on my HD Ultra, called Junction City HD to get a service done, and was turned down for the first time ever. Reason was they were to busy. Called Moto House. Talked to service department very helpful and told me to bring it on in, that they would be glad to service it for me. Took it to them the next morning and they jumped right on it. Highly recommend them for all your motorcycle Needs”

Adam Waters

“Had to edit and change my rating of this place. After a very rough start during the change of ownership, the new owners really stepped up and got a lot of paperwork issues ironed out. I would like to thank Skyler and Esmeralda for their help with all of the problems with all the forms, and getting them turned in to the county offices so I could get plates. The new owners took all my calls and concerns and fixed them. Thanks again.”

William Wulff

Great shop. It’s a Honda shop but when I called and needed a front tire for my Hog ASAP as I was in the middle of a trip they jumped right on it, ran and got my tire from Harley had it installed and back on the road in a hurry. All the while keeping us entertained with great conversation and hot coffee. If you’re looking for a Honda I’d recommend this place for sure. Great crew.”

Don Pratt<

“Most accommodating dealership in GJ. I have a BMW (which is not their sponsored brand), was on a 10 day tour passing through and needed new tires. I first called the BMW dealer and even though I told them I was on tour, they made no accommodation for me to get me into service. They said they could get me on the following week! Hello!?! I'm on tour!?! So much for taking care of your Brand customers. 🤨 Moto House was incrediblly accommodating. I called them 2 days in advance. When I got to GJ, they had the tires, we're super friendly, got me in/out in 2 hours. Back on tour, 425 miles later, tires are great, no issues. Thank you Moto House!!!!!! If you're in GJ and want quality service with a smile (instead of an attitude) take your bike to Moto House.”

ave Smith