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Ducati DesertX

Ducati DesertX

Ducati DesertX

The DesertX is another off-roading wonder from the illustrious manufacturer, Ducati. If you’re after a premium model, one that will take your racing game to the next level, then you can hardly do better. This page will cover a few basic highlights of the DesertX, yet another popular motorcycle you can find in our fantastic inventory at Moto House. 

Ergonomics & Aerodynamics
The DesertX has almost perfect ergonomics for tackling any road or riding situation. It’s slick design makes it simultaneously effective for safe urban driving, dirt paths, and even rugged terrain.


Off-Road Chassis
This model also has outstanding suspension and ground clearance. That 9.8 inches of clearance is one of the main reasons experienced riders select this one for some of the unpredictable riding conditions around Colorado. All of this topped off with the DesertX’s 21” front and 18” back wheels.

Six Riding Modes
It has six riding modes, which accommodate urban or over-road travel. The four city-driving modes are Sport, Touring, Urban, and Wet.You can also select Enduro and Rally when you hop onto the rougher roads.


Off-Roading Prowess
This is another one of Ducati’s creations that utilizes a lighter-framed bike to deliver lots of power and speed. They made the engine for this latest installment 3.7 pounds lighter than its predecessor, but it’s still incredibly fast thanks to its 937 cc Testastretta 11th desmo. This one also underwent a few tweaks to give it a new gear ratio for greater off-road performance.

Finally, it wouldn’t be a Ducati model without an impressive paint package. You can either blend in with the Colorado snow with the White Silk version, or enjoy the darker, classical look of the RR22 scheme, featuring more black and red elements.

We hope you found this quick snippet on the DesertX model interesting. We also carry other terrific choices such as the Ducati Scrambler and Hypermotard. If you still aren’t sure what style of motorcycle you prefer, our friendly staff is more than happy to point you in the right direction. 

Moto House Grand Junction is the best place to purchase and service your favorite off-roading bikes. We carry all the popular bikes from brands like Ducati, Honda, Arctic Cat, Argo, and more. If you’d like to learn more about the DesertX or anything else we carry, call 970-243-7730 for more information.