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The Essential Pre-Ride Inspection Checks

You never want to hit the dirt track for a serious ride without doing a proper inspection first. This is essential wisdom if you’ve ever found yourself breaking down somewhere without a service center anywhere in sight.

So, how do you perform a powersports vehicle pre-ride inspection? Continue reading and follow these simple steps.


Fluid Check

You’ll notice that a lot of these upkeep checks are similar to what you would do for your car or truck. You probably know that checking the fluid levels is essential. This should include your fuel level, coolant, engine oil, and brake fluid.

Tire Check

There’s nothing worse than losing a tire on your terrific Arctic Cat ATV. It’s a fast way to stymie an afternoon of exhilarating riding, all to address an avoidable flat. Instead, you can get ahead of the power curve by maintaining proper tire inflation levels. Be sure to consult your vehicle owner's manual to maintain optimal pressure levels; neither too full nor too low.

Air Filter Check

All vehicles suffer from poor performance when their air filtration becomes filthy or compromised. Don’t forget to check this and replace an old/dirty air filter if necessary.

Light Check

This is pretty straightforward. Headlights don’t last forever, and you definitely need them if you drive after sundown. It’s smart to look over your lights before hitting those awesome (but turbulent) off-roads.

Electrical Connections

If you’re not an electrician, you can only do so much with the electrical components on your ride, but it’s easy to test them before operating. Two of the most essential aspects are your vehicle’s ignition and kill switches.

Control Check

Don’t go full speed on your ride without doing a quick test run. The purpose is to evaluate your brakes, the accelerator, throttle, and everything else mandatory for safe riding.

If you need maintenance assistance or repair service, then you know you can rely on Moto House Grand Junction for expert help. We do all the crucial tasks for every variety of powersports vehicles, including ATVs, UTVs, motorcycles, and scooters.

Check our specials page from time to time. We even offer washing and detailing services. Contact us anytime to learn more at 970-243-7730. You can find us located at 555 25 Road in Grand Junction.


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